What’s the Swiggy Story?

What made Harsha, Nandan and Rahul build a platform that is Changing the way India eats?

Swiggy is a phoenix that rose out of Harsha & Nandan's earlier venture, Bundl Technologies. After a slow start, Swiggy snowballed into an unstoppable force that is now changing the way India eats. What happened along the way?

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Values at Swiggy

We obsess on the consumer, all else follows.

We are paranoid about consumer experience and look through the consumer lens before taking every decision.

We measure success by consumer impact.

Consumer comes first

We bring the highest quality thought and effort to everything we do.

We give it our best and are open to the outcomes.

We look to raise the bar of performance consistently and reward merit disproportionately.

Strive for excellence

We believe in open and honest communication – upwards and downwards.

We only promise what we can deliver.

While we aspire for excellence, we also reward impact.

Be honest

We are accepting of situations without complete information and act quickly.

We take initiatives and make strides to achieve outcomes.

While we aspire for excellence, we also reward impact.

Exhibit bias for action

We build opinions thoughtfully and express them without fear.

We encourage constructive criticism and challenge status quo irrespective of rank.

We believe in collaboration and are committed to the success of collective decision.

Standup, Disagree and Commit

We value ideas on merit, not hierarchy.

We acknowledge that we don’t always have all the answers and are open to fresh solutions.

We are accepting of our mistakes and are open to feedback.

We respect each other and strive for collective success.

Be humble

We are all business owners and think company first, then team or self.

We feel responsible for all problems faced by the customer and think of solutions in an unconstrained manner.

We engage in discussions centred around solutions than problems.

Act like an owner

We focus on the long term and aim to improve ourselves on a daily basis.

We seek inspiration from around us and look to tackle tough problems smartly.

We ask the right questions and relentlessly chase the answers to them.

Be curious and learn

Culture at Swiggy

We strive to create an open,
engaging and employee-friendly workplace.

The Spirit

A comfortable working atmosphere that follows a flat and open culture along with a great office space was why we were voted as one of India's top firms to work in 2017 by LinkedIn! We know you work best when you are happy.

The Environment

When your goal is to change the way the country eats, you need all the help you can get. Swiggy is an equal-opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, comprehensive health benefits and equity opportunities.

What You'll Get

The business of food delivery is undergoing rapid change every day as we are capturing markets and customers across the country. So as we grow along with the times, we are always looking for great people to join us on this exciting journey.


  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Pre-loaded Food Card
  • Mobile allowance
  • Paternity and adoption leave policy
  • Free assistance on tax and investment planning
  • Car Lease
  • Flexi Benefit Component Policy
  • Parental Insurance


  • Working with smart, young, mission-driven people
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Regular Team Outings
  • Nap Rooms
  • Games Room
  • Snacks & Beverages
  • Approachable Leadership